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May 2012 Email Blast

MONDAY NIGHT NETWORKING REMINDER.  Our first networking event will kick-off on Monday, April 30 at 5:30pm in the fabulous IMPROV Entertainment Centre & Restaurant, 200 J Oakwood Avenue.  Cost for members is $2.00 and non-members $5.00.  (NOTE: no speeches from Jerry and no presentations, just networking – bring your business cards). Please RSVP not later than 12 noon April 30. Thanks to all that have RSVP’d already
May Monthly Meeting. The May monthly meeting will be held 12 noon, Tuesday, May 15 at the New Lee High School on Meridian St., Huntsville AL 35811.  Attendees will receive a tour and have the opportunity interact with HCS Superintendent and NAAACC member, Dr. Casey Wardynski.
Legislative Alert. The Alabama House approved HB 600, The Alabama Small Business Financing Act, by Rep. Barry Moore, R-Enterprise, that would set up an independent entity to help companies with a variety of credit needs.  Operating under the Alabama Department of Economic Affairs, the act would allow the state to strengthen and streamline ADECA’s existing business loan and grant programs.  Alabama was awarded a $31.3 million grant in August through the U.S. Treasury’s State Small Business Credit Initiative, to promote small business lending through three programs: the Alabama Capital Access Program, the Alabama Loan Guaranty Program, and the Alabama Loan Participation Program, all administered within ADECA.  The Alabama Small Business Act would codify the current SSBCI programs into law under the Alabama Small Business Financing Authority.